Media library uploader ( set featured image, or general selecting image ) view in LIST, never GRID

by Carlo G.   Last Updated April 10, 2018 01:08 AM

In a WP installation I have to work on, I found that when I click on "Set Featured Image" on a post, the Media Library popup appears, with a grey thumbnail, but no thumbnail of the uploaded images. More than this, if I try to make a search, the little wheel continue spinning, and I cannot do anything. Debug ON, nothing wrong during execution. I tried to check the Media Library menu and I found out that if I visualize the LIST VIEW, I can do whatever I want.

So it's the grid view which is not working.

To confirm that, I tried to install a widget slider plugin who takes pictures from the Media Library. Nothing again.

To have another confirmation, I tried to right-click on the "Set Featured Image" link and opening the link in another window. Guess what ? I can assign featured image to the post.

The question is :

Is there a way to set the Media Library popup window to LIST so that I can use all the plugins and all the features of Wordpress without going around new windows and other tricks ?

Thank you for the help in advance,


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