WP Job Manager query location and output as dropdown when searching for jobs

by Antal Stiezinger   Last Updated January 13, 2018 12:08 PM

I am trying to modify the filters for the job search page. Usualy with the [job] shortcode you receive a page with 2 filters, one for the keyword and the other for locations, under that there are categories.

I found the plugin wp job manager field editor, with this i can change the field type from input to select and thenn add the location to show as an dropdown. Then I edited the job-filters.php to show the dropdown for the job_location field.

The issue is that i have to add the locations as an String Array and when a new location is posted with a job, i have to change the whole list.

Is there a was to send a query to the database to output all locations as an loop in a select form? Does any one know where job manager stores the locations?

Thank you.

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