Do multiple revisions really slow down WordPress?

by John Biddle   Last Updated January 07, 2018 01:08 AM

I have read numerous times that I should clean up my database to keep performance high. Keeping multiple revisions of posts is always cited as a big performance stealer.

I'm suspicious of this claim. I get that the table will be significantly larger with 10 revisions than 2, but will it really be slower in operation? Given that there are indexes (or should be) on the fields you look things up on frequently, queries should still be nearly as quick.

I can't see any difference in my own sites, but I don't have that much data. I'm curious at what point, sizewise any improvement would actually start to show up, if indeed one ever does.

I'm not arguing for site owners to up the number of revisions they want to keep, I'm just trying to understand the real world effect, compared to the big performance improvement claims I so often see.

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