Efficiency/performance of post meta named with unique keys

by Steveo   Last Updated November 20, 2017 17:08 PM

I have a custom post type which stores additional post meta as:

  • _issue_attachment_1234
  • _issue_attachment_1235
  • _issue_history_1234

Where 1234 is a unique identifier. It has been a while since I wrote this code, I would normally write this naming the key _issue_attachment and storing the id and value in an array, however I think this was done in this way for a specific reason at the time (maybe because you can have multiple attachments/history per issue and then multiple issues per post).

The question is, if I leave this as is am I likely to have performance issues with it? This post meta could be saved up to 50 times per day. It would be accessed when viewing the single post in the admin area.

Any recommendations on how to store this data?

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