How to setup Entity Reference List View to filter by title?

by drupi17   Last Updated January 13, 2018 01:07 AM

We have the following View setup. We have two content types: basic page and article (where article has an entity reference(ER) field pointing to basic page).

We want to be able to search through the basic page name on the ER field (from article page). How can we setup an exposed filter that will allow for someone to search for the title in the ER field from the Article content type?

Content type:

Basic page:

  1. title
  2. body


  1. title
  2. body
  3. field_er_basic_page (entity reference to basic page)
  4. field_asset_type

Views setup:

  1. format = entity reference list
  2. fields = title, field_asset_type
  3. filters: published = true, content type = article ,field_er_basic_page != null (exposed)

The goal is to allow the field_er_basic_page to be exposed as a filter and allow for it be a text search on the basic page's title.

Expected output should be in any HTML format (table is fine):

enter image description here

We have tried Views Entity Reference Filter but it does not work at all. How can this be accomplished?

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