Sql injections - Drupal 8

by Sugandh Khanna   Last Updated January 12, 2018 12:07 PM

I'm learning security vulnerabilities to Drupal 8, so trying to learn how to inject sql injection in Drupal form.

In drupal form submit, I'm writing a query somewhat:

$query = db_query("INSERT INTO {my-table} (title) VALUES ('".$title."'); TRUNCATE TABLE my-table;");

But the above query is not getting executed. I tried, $query = db_query("INSERT INTO {my-table} (title) VALUES ('".$title."')");

query runs fine, but when I insert below mentioned text in textfield (attempting sql injection), It won't work.

''; DROP TABLE my-table;

This bold text simply gets inserted in my db table, and table is not getting dropped.

Please help injection sql injections.

Tags : 8 database

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