Use checkbox to set image as background-image for content type

by Hermann   Last Updated January 12, 2018 10:07 AM

For a better user Experience in our backend, I want to enable content managers to select the picture, that will be set as background-image for a specified content-type.

Background-story: To add picture as background-image for our content, we use a file-upload image provided by the 'fieldfield_sources' module. Sometimes this process is very annoying. In order to improve the process of 'content creation/edition/' instead of using the file upload each time we create/edit a content type, we want to add a new field that already holds the needed images when creating/editing a content type. The content manager can choose per checkbox which image will be set as background-image.

Please have find in attachement how the solution could looks-like (here blue and orange image, blue is selected per default).

Now my questions: - Is there a module that can handle this feature for me? - May I have to extend the 'fieldfield_source' module to behave like I want (I'm not sure how to) - Could some one give me some advice how to implement this feature?

Thank you in advance

H.enter image description here

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