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In addition, it can lead to deficiencies in a strict diet of vitamins, trace elements and minerals. It will not hurt in any case if a product is used that attaches to these points. Another recommendation would be the use of around three grams of creatineper day. However, it should be a creatine like ATP creatine, which will not deprive the skin of water. After all, the muscles should not be drained but watered. For muscle building, it is necessary that these water can bind. If the bodybuilder is in the carbohydrate loading phase then he should use L-Glutamine Thrustuline Boost supplementation. It is an amino acid that, like creatine , can hold the water in your muscles. This inevitably causes the muscle volume to increase faster. Because if enough water is present in the muscle, then nutrients can be better converted to new muscle mass or stored. The creatine diet There is another technique to burn fat and build muscle . It is a creatine diet. Many have already tried and found that despite strict diet, the weight did not want to give way. Part of it has even increased. This is quite normal, as creatine tempts one to exercise more intensively. These should be short and intense units that are often repeated. As a result, more muscle mass is formed and this by the creatineis promoted. However, it is important that a creatine is used, which leaves the water in the body.

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