Overriding theme suggestions in Webforms

by raf   Last Updated January 10, 2018 06:07 AM

I have a webform template that will be used to generate a number of forms that will reside in a subsection of my website. The users will create a custom url that is of the form:


I wish to have a custom theme suggestion so I can control the page. How can I alter suggestions so the custom webform page uses a specific theming file:


of something like that.

At the moment the best i can get is:


which is no good as it affects webforms in other parts of the site.

I can create theme overrides for specific forms:


but this is useless as there will be many forms to generate and end users will be the ones doing it.

I have found this discussion of what I think is a similar issue but I cannot seem to implement the solution discussed there.

Any suggestions?

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