Commerce: Display custom product fields in Cart or Order review panes

by user3108268   Last Updated January 09, 2018 20:07 PM

I have a product with custom field that contains data. I want to display that field next to product's title in the cart and/or order review panes during checkout.


  1. User adds a product to a cart
  2. Goes to Cart where user sees a table with product title, price, quantity etc. enter image description here (e.g. in this screenshot the custom product field is Date which displays empty with Product Reference inside view Relationships.)

  3. User needs to see an extra field e.g. between Product and Price.

  4. A field, that already exists in the product and contains data.

Now, reading an answer to similar question Drupal Commerce - Add Product Fields to Cart Form through Line Items does not solve, I did add Product Reference that lets to select my custom product fields, but the added fields does not render any data.

However this same exact method by adding Referenced Product relationship works on admin order review pages at /commerce/orders/*, but does not work for Cart pane or Order review pane during checkout process?

update: Maybe it has something to do with an already existing relationship of Line Items inside Cart view? This relationship does not appear on Order view. enter image description here

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