Views filters using groups and operator OR doesn't work

by Sébastien Gicquel   Last Updated January 09, 2018 16:07 PM

I created a view with 2 FILTER CRITERIA (Content: Has taxonomy term) exposed to visitors.

For testing purpose, I have 2 vocabularies with 2 terms inside :

Vocabulary 1

  1. T1
  2. T2

Vocabulary 2

  1. T3
  2. T4

I have 2 articles. Article 1 on only PART of T1.

If I select T1 and Any, I have no results but I should have result because I use OR operator(see screen shot).

Is the view filter criteria correct ? enter image description here

If this article is T1 and T3 and i select T1 and T3, it works. If I select any and any, it works and i see my 2 articles.

See 2 cases :

1) enter image description here

2) enter image description here I was wondering if there is not a bug ? I’ve seen a lots of topics about some issue with OR operator and filter group criteria. How can I debug this and see the sql behind ?

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