Field "Name" not showing on anonymous user

by Eva Gala   Last Updated January 06, 2018 15:07 PM

I have a Drupal web and Contact form add to it. I have an issue with the contact form: when the visitor is CAS, the field "name" in the form appears (filled up with name associated with the CAS user) but when you are navigating anonymous, the field doesn't appear, but it keeps being mandatory, so it shows and error when trying to send a contact form cos you haven't filled up a not-showing field!! I've seen the code and there's a "display:none" in the style of that element, but I'm not sure where do I have to change what. Also mention that I edit the "mandatory" part of that field and it seems like is not sending the email anyway. Also I have a personalise theme that I didn't make (was given to me). Thank you for you answers! :)

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