How to change pictures position?

by Jules Perrelet   Last Updated January 05, 2018 22:07 PM

I'm doing a website about tips and tricks to save money. Everything is working fine, except the visual identity, which sucks a bit.

I've tried to change the views to give my articles a good looking, but it's still very ugly, as you can see in the homepage for example :

I'd like to find a wysiwyg editor which allow me to change the position and the size of my picture in my articles (or any modules which can do that). I'm currently using CKeditor, but I can't make a lot of modifications.

Thanks !

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You could build a view that displays "Content" instead of "Fields" form the "Show" setting.

how rows should be styled

Through that, you can set the view to utilize either the default display mode for the node, the teaser mode or another custom display mode.. Using the display mode approach, your view will render each node, respecting your WYSIWYG content and (left/center/right) aligned inline images (assuming you haven't added custom css to automatically center the images at all times).

Alternatively, you can add css to alternate the images (left and right) aligned with the content by using the .views-row:nth-child() .views-field-field-image identifier, specifying any custom alternating sequence in the nth-child. If you simply want to alternate every other row, you can enable the "Add striping" option in the "Unformatted List > Settings" of the view.

"Add striping" option

Anson W Han
Anson W Han
January 05, 2018 21:58 PM

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