Form submission on clicking next button in mutistep ajaxified webform

by Arun Aravind   Last Updated January 04, 2018 13:07 PM

I have created a multi-step enquiry form using webform (7.x-4.16) module. For faster loading, I have ajaxified prev/next pages using the Webform Ajax Module (7.x-1.1). I am having a requirement where I need to get the values entered in each step to be stored in a database table when the "NEXT" button is clicked. Also, if the user selects a wrong option in the form then the form should be submitted without going further with the rest of the steps. Is there any way that I can get the values entered in each step and do the necessary operations like storing in the database or submitting the form if a particular option is selected in the form.

Tags : webform

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