Extend Image field formatter Image

by noealflantier   Last Updated December 26, 2017 17:07 PM

I successfully extended the Image formatter of the image field with these two functions found here.

function tryklops_main_field_formatter_settings_summary_alter(&$summary, $context) {}
function my_module_field_formatter_third_party_settings_form($plugin, $field_definition, $view_mode, $form, $form_state) {}

I am just adding a checkbox (Boolean property), and changing the output depending on that Boolean in hook_preprocess_field().

It works fine on the manage display side, where I can access the formatter and see the added checkbox, but when I try to show an image field with that formatter in a view, my added checkbox doesn't appear.

Are third party settings not taken into account on purpose by the Views module, or am I doing something wrong?

Tags : views fields hooks

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