How to detect entity translation without using path prefix or domain?

by user2951257   Last Updated December 18, 2017 21:07 PM

We have a situation where we want to have Content Translation enabled. It is our understanding that this is using Entity Translation(from D7) that is now in D8 core. This also means that there will be one Node (ID), but there will be a table to hold translations for the fields.


  1. Enable Content Translation for Article content type and make all fields translatable
  2. Create an English page call Test-Page
  3. Click Translate and add translation to Spanish
  4. Enter in the Spanish content for the body and title field


  1. As a site visitor, When i clicked on the Language Switcher and select Spanish, I should see Spanish content
  2. As a logged in user (admin or content editor) when i view the English version I should see English content on the edit screen for body and title
  3. As a logged in user when editing the Spanish translation I should see the Spanish translations for body and title.


  1. Whenever we click on the Spanish translation we are always served up the English content
  2. When i change the language using the Language Switcher to Spanish, we are still served up the English content

How can we setup the translations so that the issues above do not occur?

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