Rules (not) triggered with Bulk Media Upload

by Thumbs   Last Updated December 16, 2017 02:07 AM

Rules (not) triggered with Bulk Media Upload

I have a node type called 'uploads' that includes a user reference field to make each upload particular/available to a certain user.

I have added a rule so when a new upload is added, they are e-mailed to let them know there's something new for them to see once they're logged in.

This works fine when adding uploads (nodes) one at a time, but I'm also using "Bulk Media Upload" ( to allow for multiple uploads/node creation, at which point the rules fail with the following error:

"Unable to get the data value for the variable or parameter id. Error: Unable to get the data property uid as the parent data structure is not set."

I realize that Bulk Media Upload is on/past the outs; but I do need the functionality it provides and am unsure as to why the data isn't available doing things this way when they are doing things one at a time. The references are made the same way in either case since Bulk Media Upload uses/requires the same values.

I'd post the rule export (and will if it helps,) but again it works fine when adding a node one at a time.

Any thoughts or alternatives much appreciated.


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