Conditional options display and email sending

by wrigamer   Last Updated December 13, 2017 11:07 AM

Here is the basic structure of the form and the conditions:

There are 3 main select list and they are all required fields.

select list 1 :

option a (associate email:
option b (associate email:
option c (associate email:

select list 2 :

option x (associate email:
option y (associate email:
option z (associate email:

select list 3 :

option i
option j

Conditional options display:

Case 1: If option a is selected, only option x from select list 2 is shown while others are hidden.

Case 2: If option b is selected, only option y,z from select list 2 is shown while option a is hidden.

Case 3: If option c is selected, all options are hidden.

Conditional email sending:

Case 1: If option a & option i are both selected, send the email according the the option from select list 2.

Case 2: Otherwise, send the email according to the option from select list 1.


  1. Using Drupal 8
  2. Has UI to modify the form logic

I have tried using Webform module. But it seems that multiple options with same value are not allowed.

Is there any possible solution for this?

Tags : webform

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