Drupal 8 and MailChimp

by Darren   Last Updated December 07, 2017 16:07 PM

I'm syncing a Drupal 8 webform to populate a MailChimp lits via the MailChimp module. As well as capturing the first and last name I also want to capture the City and Province.

However when I submit I only seem to capture the email address in MailChimp.

In Drupal 8 I configured my form for each field as the following:

Email Field (this works) Title: Email Key: email Type: Email

First Name (this does not transfer to MailChimp) Title: First Name key: fname Type: Text field

Last Name (this does not transfer to MailChimp) Title: Last Name key: lname Type: Text field

In MailChimp I set up in the List fields and |MERGE| tags the following:

First Name |FNAME| Last Name |LNAME|

Has anyone else had issues with merging fields from Drupal 8 into MailChimp via the MailChimp module?

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