Allow content builder to 'disable' a content type form

by ymdahi   Last Updated November 30, 2017 16:07 PM

I have a site that allows users to submit a 3d print job to a lab.

The role of the site builder is: technician The content type in question is: print job

Users can submit a print job (i.e. create a print job node).

What I'd like is to enable the technician to be able to prevent/disable/stop the user from being able to use the form at node/add/print-job when they want to prevent new print jobs from coming in (i.e. too busy at the lab).

I can use the Content Access module, but I'm hoping for something a bit less complex for the technician and that doesn't result in a 403.

I'm hoping that there is a way to do this with rules or workflow. Preferably one button/checkbox with a confirmation. Disabling the content type form will display a message written by the technician on the form path.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Tags : 7 rules workflow

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