How to create ruleset component in Rules for Drupal 8?

by Allison S.   Last Updated November 22, 2017 17:07 PM

I would like to create a custom ruleset component much like is described in this issue: How to automatically generate multiple aliases for one node?.

That answer is for Drupal 7, but I am using Drupal 8 - when I go to Rules - Components, none of the plugin options that I see in screenshots of D7 appear to be available (rule set, condition set (AND), action set, etc. - see figure 12.9 on this page: Basically, the Components tab looks nothing like the one found in D7, so it's unclear to me how to create a ruleset. I'm not a module developer, but when I look through the module folder, I see a folder named Plugins/RulesExpression which contains files that seem to correspond to these component plugin types. Is there something I have to do to enable them to be available in the admin?

The documentation for Rules in Drupal8 is basically empty ( the only docs I found are for contributing developers, there seems to be none that has been updated for admin users of the module, and I have searched far and wide for any insight on this and found nothing. Any experience or info is much appreciated.

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