Odd relationship behaviour in some views

by raf   Last Updated November 15, 2017 01:07 AM

I have a set of views that generate lists of content based on the taxonomy term on the node relationship and a taxonomy name contextual filter that gets a default value from the raw url. They are set to reference from a specific vocabulary.

They have been working fine for the last two years then suddenly, for one specific taxonomy name in that vocabulary; the name "ncat" it all stopped working. No results were being found. All the other names in that vocabulary kept working as usual.

I managed to fix the problem in the end by deleting the relationship and the contextual filter and recreating them exactly as they were before.

Additionally, I had to delate and rebuild this relationship for every view that used this vocabulary on a specific set of pages - there are 4 views on a s ingle page that pull in different content types. they all shared the same issue.

Can anyone explain this behaviour to me or what would cause a relationship to break in this way? Is this something I should expect will happen on a Drupal 8 site regularly? The vocabulary in question has not been changed in some time.

Is it an issue with the relationship, the four separate views or something else?

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