Drupal 8 - Full archive configuration export doesn't work

by elterr1ble   Last Updated November 14, 2017 23:07 PM

When I go to /admin/config/development/configuration/full/export and want to export the full archive, the site loads for a while and then just goes completely blank and the URL bar shows /admin/config/development/configuration/full/export-download.

There is no error in the server log files and no entry in the Drupal reports.

In the sync directory sites\default\files\config_[...]\sync there is no file except for the .htaccess.

And when I try drush cex or drush cex sync this error occurs:

PHP Fatal error:  Declaration of Drush\Command\DrushInputAdapter::hasParameterOption($values) must be compatible with Symfony\Component\Console\Input\InputInterface::hasParameterOption($values, $onlyParams = false) in C:\Program Files (x86)\DevDesktop\tools\vendor\drush\drush\lib\Drush\Command\DrushInputAdapter.php on line 27

I've tried everything with the settings.local.php enabled and disabled. But the export just doesn't work. What can I do?

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