(Field type) Link autocompletion for media entities

by Hudri   Last Updated November 14, 2017 18:07 PM

How can I enable autocompletion for media entities in Link fields? The Link field seems to "know" only nodes, but no media entities.

Use case:

I've got a paragraph for a "card style" link consisting of 4 fields for an image, a title, a short description and a link. The paragraph must work for internal and external links, so I'm using a Link field and not an entity reference.

A common task is that editors upload a PDF to the media library, and provide a nice download link to the PDF on multiple nodes, using the paragraph mentioned above.

Tried this, doesn't work good enough:

I know that it technically would be possible to manually enter a path like /media/<media_entity_id>. But this so bad UX that I need to find a better solution.

I also have LinkIt installed, but sadly I can't use LinkIt for Link/URL fields.

(I'm using Drupal v8.4 core media)

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