Chat module for drupal 8

by Bassem Mohamed   Last Updated November 13, 2017 09:07 AM

Does anybody know a good secure free chat module for Drupal 8? I need to have users chatting with site admins in my project, I need to be able to customize UI of the docked chat, I have been googling and trying chat modules for 2 days now.

I need it to be able to:

1- User request a chat with admin, then admin replies and chats with user.

2- Users should not be able to see the online admins.

3- The chat module should automatically grab the username and email from the logged in user session.

4- Should be secure, updated to the changes done in drupal 8 core.

5- For the users, it should be docked in the bottom right of page.

Tags : 8

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