An example how to migrate two or more related custom tables into Drupal 8

by Yakimkin Roman   Last Updated November 12, 2017 08:07 AM

Is there an example, how to migrate two or more related tables into Drupal 8 ?

For example, we have one table having vocabulary data and have another table having secondary key relating to the first table. Also we have in the secondary table a field containing link to a file.

Par example, like a simple custom blog. There is a table with tags and there is a table with posts, where each post can have one or more tags. And each post has a field where photos can be loaded.

Could you give me an example, how to migrate these databases into Drupal 8 ?That is, one table should be migrated into the taxonomy, another one should be migrated into nodes, files also should be migrated into Drupal database.

I looked it for in the Migrate documentation, but couldn't find clear examples.

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