Views doesn't split content into seprates list items

by webmaster pf   Last Updated June 07, 2017 15:07 PM

I need to produce a list of images with views 3 but these group items in only one li this:

    <ul class="rslides">   
       <li class="views-row views-row-1 views-row-odd views-row-first views-row-last">  
              <div class="field-item field-item-0">
<img src="//xxx:3000/sites/all/media/imagecache/MG_illustration_170x310/diapo_lycee/2017/22/abstract-h-c-1107-1142-8.jpg" alt="Lycée Marie Gasquet" title="Lycée Marie Gasquet" width="170" height="310" ></div>
    <div class="field-item field-item-1">
<img src="//xx:3000/sites/all/media/imagecache/MG_illustration_170x310/diapo_lycee/2017/22/city-q-c-640-480-4.jpg" >

How can I force it to put items in is proper li element ?


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