Returning a True or False from an IIF statement

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I have a query with the following IIF statement

OnlineEnrolment: IIf([qry_ebs_final_CAN-ENROL-ONLINE].[SP_CAN_ENROL]='Y',True,False)

It gives the correct results, but the format that it gives them is what I am struggling with. It responds back with 0 or -1. I want it to respond TRUE or FALSE.

How can I change this other than making TRUE and FALSE strings? I still want them as boolean values.



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Answers 2

This is how TRUE and FALSE work in VBA (and Access):

If you want a 1 and a 0 like most other programming languages, return 1 and 0 and evaluate that instead of using the keywords TRUE and FALSE. That will make it consistent with other languages, but it won't be internally consistent with Access/VBA.

Something like this:

July 02, 2013 16:28 PM

I have three columns in access (MS- Access 2013) A B and C. A & B has mobile numbers. I want to show MD in column C if A & B has same values or AD as column A and B has different values.

Somesh Kaistha
Somesh Kaistha
January 13, 2018 06:03 AM

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