Monitoring AlwaysON health for X servers

by BeginnerDBA   Last Updated June 20, 2019 22:06 PM

I have been reading close to many articles but could not find the matching needs to monitor 5 odd servers with AG enabled.

Is there a way like performance dashboard has to view reports which gives us the AG health for the databases. I do not see one at servers level report neither at database level.

Has anyone come across any open source project for this where we can gather AG health related metrics in some DBA database on those many X servers and later query it via central SSRS or performance dashboard to view the health and status for databases involved in AG, so that one dont need to login to each box and go around looking to monitor the same.

I do see there is system extended event as AlwaysOn_health but its disabled. we can enable but querying the XML is again something tedious to deal with specially with lack of knowledge in that area.

Please share your experiences how to monitor this without a 3rd party tool if possible?

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