How to create a new records for the imported records from different dump files that have repeated ID but different data?

by Ahmed   Last Updated April 11, 2018 20:06 PM

I have 3 dump files from 3 different machines say pc1, pc2 and pc3. I am trying to sync the data from the 3 dump files with the database on my server but, unfortunately the dump files have similar unique ids for different records, because they are on different machines. When merging, the data from the dump file, it overwrites the data on my server(if they have the same unique id). Is there a way for creating new records for the records that has the same unique id but different data fields. If no if there are other 3rd party tools for that?

I have found this similar question but it give on of 2 solutions:

  1. Either to replace the repeated rows

  2. Or to skip the repeated records

And no one of the above is suitable for me. I need to create a new record for the repeated rows with repeated uniques ids but different other data field values

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