It is possible to extract Extented Properties using SQL Developer Data Modeler?

by Racer SQL   Last Updated January 12, 2018 15:06 PM

I'm using SQL Developer Data Modeler in a oracle server. No problem, I can connect to SQL Server, list tables and generate a really good report. But what I need is to extract the extended properties from tables and columns. I'm looking all over the internet but what I found is:

MS SQL Server
Support for following objects – database, login, user and roles with their privileges and permissions, default, rule, user-defined type, computed and identity columns, partitioned tables using partition function and partition scheme, primary and secondary XML indexes, triggers on tables and views, stored procedures, indexes on views, synonyms
    Domains can be created as user-defined types
    **Extended properties for each object can be defined and generated in DDL**
    Database and schema controlled generation of DDL

From the official manual. But I don't want to generate manually the properties with the software. I have already all properties of extended properties from almost all tables.

Or can I make a Data Dictionary with my good SQL Server Management Studio? I can only see reports from disk usage, performance metrics and etc.

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