best way to proceed, running XP_CMDSHELL/xp_create_subdir without sysAdmin

by Racer SQL   Last Updated January 11, 2018 13:06 PM

After reading a lot about this issue, I know that if I create a proxy account, I can do what I want. I just need some enlightenment to see if there's a better way to do what I want.

We have a procedure ( a backup procedure ) inside a database, that create subfolders. So the user can backup the database, run his work, and then backup it again. So We have 2 simple backups. if there's some problems, they tell us, and we ( dbas ) restore the database with the "before" backup.

Well, this is the procedure ( without the SETS and DECLARES ):

    Exec xp_create_subdir @Diretorio

    Backup Database @NomeBaseDadosSemColchetes 
        To Disk = @NomeCompleto 
               With --Backup Set Options
                    Name = @NomeBaseDadosSemColchetes,

                    --Media Set Options

                    --Error Management Options

                    --Monitoring Options
                    Stats = 10,

                    --Tape Options                    

Problem 1) To run this, I need a login that is SYSADMIN, because of the xp_create_subdir.

I read that If a create a Proxy account, I can create a windows login, configure it to run without sysadmin, and then configure it to be a proxy account.

The only way to do this ( Proxy account ) is using a Windows account?

I notice this problem because I found out that developers are using this SysAdmin account to do stuff ( nothing wrong, but putting databases offline, dropping their databases without noticing me, and etc )

So, how can I drop the SysAdmin permission for that login ( it only uses sysadmin because of this xp_create_subdir. or is there a better way to do this?

And, the DEVS know the password for this login, because we need to pass it inside their software.

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