Unsent log behaviour in database mirroring

by BeginnerDBA   Last Updated January 08, 2018 01:06 AM

Need your suggestion on how below works.

Situation: We had unsent log on Principal stuck for almost 10 hours with unsent data around 200 GB.

Action: Paused and resumed the mirroring. This kicked of the stuck mirroring. All 200 GB is now send to mirror and its trying to restore. But when new transactions are showing up on principal i see that again the records or mirror seems to stuck showing send rate 0 KB/sec.

So my question would be , is this suppose to happen and block unsent log on P till all previous 200 GB is restored on Mirror or there could be different problem here? And can we again PAUSE and RESUME mirroring if mirroring is still synchronizing ?

Please suggest

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