SQL session that is 'never end', always stay in a running status but does not return a result set (Until I kill it)

by Mona   Last Updated December 07, 2017 11:06 AM

I am a beginner SQL DBA and I experienced a weird thing in SQL server.


  1. Session is in Running state (not runnable, not suspended).
  2. CPU time is zero, or if it is not, after a while it stops growing.
  3. Reads\Writes\Logical Reads are zero, or if is not, after a while they stop growing as well.
  4. No result set that is returned.
  5. They will run until I kill all these sessions. (These can be days, but these queries run within 3 mins usually)

More info:

  • This is static database.
  • Indexes are not fragmented.
  • Statistics are updated
  • CPU is not under stress, used 10% only
  • Memory is more than enough
  • SQL Server 2016 is used

Is there any idea what can be the reason for this behaviour?

I'm very grateful for all the answers.

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