Grant View Server State - is it possible for a none SA user to have in Azure SQL?

by DBA-PJS   Last Updated October 26, 2017 09:06 AM

I'm trying to set up some scheduled jobs which will collect some server stats, using system DMV's in SQL Server Azure. If a none SA users uses 'sys.dm_os_schedulers', they get an error (below), query works fine for server admin.

VIEW SERVER STATE permission was denied on object 'server', database 'master'

The user is a member of DBManager Role in the MasterDB, and they are a member of the db_owner role in User DB, and have added VIEW DATABASE STATE in user db.

I've attempted to 'GRANT VIEW SERVER STATE to [user]' in Master DB, using the server admin account (set up via portal on initial database creation). However, this errors :-

Grantor does not have GRANT permission.

Is it possible to grant this? (which is what every post I've seen says), or how do I do it with the Server Admin account?

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