Fixing Orphan user on Snapshot mirror

by BeginnerDBA   Last Updated October 04, 2017 23:06 PM

I am sort of confused about orphaned users in database snapshots created on the partner server participating in database mirroring.

Server A acts as principal for database X, with server B as its mirror, having database snapshot configured for that database X for reporting purposes.

We recently had a failover. After that I fixed the orphaned users in database X on server A.

However, when I view the same for the database Snapshot on server B, they are not listed.

If i manually try to fix orphans on X-snapshot on server B, it throws the error

Failed to update database "X-snapshot" because the database is read-only

The snapshot job runs every 30 mins.

Please clarify or suggest how to fix the orphaned users in the snapshot

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