SQL Server mirroring not failing over

by user133503   Last Updated August 28, 2017 17:06 PM

I have two SQL Server 2016 installations configured in a mirror with a separate server as the witness. We've been running some failover tests and every test has succeeded except the following two scenarios. Does anyone know why these scenarios wouldn't result in a failover?

  • Dismounting the storage that the database files reside on the primary server will not fail the server over. I thought the witness would notice that the files do not exist anymore and fail over?
  • Throttling the network down to 1kbps on the primary server disconnects the mirror on both the primary and secondary. I would think that the witness would lose connectivity to the primary because the network is so slow and fail over but instead both servers go to disconnected status.

Has anyone ran into any of these issues?

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