Data Synchronization process in Database Mirroring and Alwayson Groups SQL Server

by info.sqldba   Last Updated June 18, 2017 08:06 AM

I have few questions on Database Mirroring and Alwayson, i am reading about always on and i found below data synchronization process from primary replica to secondary replica in msdn,

Data Synchronization Process Alwayson


  1. Without any HA like DBM or AG, will there be any log buffer present in SQL Server WAL mechanism?
  2. Is there any log buffer and log capture which also present in Database Mirroring, and Is that same as in Always on Groups?
  3. What is log pool here?
  4. Why two different name Log flush and Log Hardening?
  5. Can any one provide a link for database mirroring sync process.
  6. In DBM or AG if i am using Synchronous mode, How does application can know Acknowledge Commit is success on both replicas will relational engine take care of that or storage engine take care about that.

Looking forward to learn more, Thanks in Advance!

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