How to design an Android app?

by Maicake   Last Updated September 20, 2018 09:05 AM

GOAL: I've started to write my first Android app and I made a lot of mistake, for example:

  • putting every method and variable inside the main activity;

  • not using single responsibility principle;

  • declaring some public static fields called everywhere in the code.

  • many more

After reading around I've realized that some of the errors were due to my "not OOP thinking" and also because I didn't know (and I don't) how to design an app before to implements it.

I've lost a lot of time to refactor the code. Maybe sometime is unavoidable but I'm sure that if there is a good design practice upstream it will be less likely.


1 which are best practices to design an Android app?

2 which is the process to go through?

3 should I reason like if I'm writing a project using OOP? I mean, for example:

  • uses cases
  • CRC class
  • class diagrams
  • state activity diagrams
  • code

or is different ?

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