How to sync data between two detached systems using rest API?

by Dario Granich   Last Updated May 02, 2018 08:05 AM

I own system A, and other entity owns system B. I need to sync system B, based on changes that took place in system A. Data being synced would be spitted into different sets, so I dont have to sync entire system at once. I have to use rest API.

What are the options to sync data? I am aware of these two ways.

1. Full sync

First solution that comes to my mind is do a full sync, but despite the fact it would resolve any discrepancy between systems, it would obviously cause a high network usage and lengthy sync if a data on system A gets too big.

2. Event based sync

Other solution would be based on events. If a list 1 is updated, and after related event takes places, it would trigger an update of list 2. If I go with this solution I would use event based messaging, but what happens if a message gets lost in the process?

Would a combination of event based sync and full sync (less frequent) do the job? Are there any other methods to complete this task?

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