Push notification from web application to my mobile app

by Kakada Neang   Last Updated February 04, 2018 09:05 AM

I want to create a mobile app(iOS and Android) for business need, ex: the business is Health and Beauty. So I need a mobile app for sale some goods and service. However, I need push notification to who is subscribe my topic like, health tips, magazine and new product etc.

So I plan to create:

  1. Web application back-end with Laravel to manage CRUD of those data then I will implement RESTful API on my web application to handle data from the mobile app.

  2. Create a mobile app to fetch data from web application via RESTful API.

My concern is about notification because the mobile app must request it to the server in every x time that why the server must response a lot of requests.

So do we have another way?

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