Is adding a GraphQL layer between Firestore and a front-end like Vue.js a good idea?

by Utkarsh   Last Updated January 26, 2018 17:05 PM

Background: I recently joined my first job at a startup as a developer. I'm the only programmer here. In fact, the founder (non-technical, though he knows a few things here and there but hasn't touched code in a decade) and I are the only two people that are going to work on the app.

We have a guy working part-time who designs the schema and another one who makes the Android app. But, they aren't really going to work on this every day. I'm going to code everything in the web app.

The development hasn't started, but I was given the task of making a sample front-end web app which has the user sign up, authentication and Firestore read/write functionality.

Problem: I have made a very simple app which has all these functions that I mentioned above. But, the founder wants me to add GraphQL as a middle layer between the Firestore and the front-end web app.

Reading a few guides and stuff on the internet, I have figured out how to read and write operations will work.

**Read**: Firestore --> REST API --> GraphQL Query --> Vue.js app

**Write**: Vue.js app --> GraphQL Mutation --> (have to figure this out) --> Firestore

Question: So, my question is; is it a good idea to add a GraphQL layer between Firebase and the front-end web app? What are the pros and cons?

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