Getting started with outsourcing small scientific computation tasks to online freelancers

by user152497   Last Updated January 13, 2018 11:05 AM

I am not sure if this is the right stackexchange for this question.

I have to compute small mathematical problems for my work. My main work is to develop and solve these problems analytically. I then have to compute these problems in mathematica, but this is not my main task.

I am not unwilling to do this, but I think I could save time by outsourcing it to someone with more technical experience in e.g. Mathematica.

For example, here is a typical mathematical problem that I would want to outsource. I'd like to write the problem in Latex, outsource it to a freelance coder, and get back the result.

However, my first attempts to do this on have derailed mainly due to communication. Those freelancers were not native-English speakers.

So I am wondering if you have some tips, or even better, an existing guide, or a template for a project assignment sheet or something, on how to outsource this kind of small project to a freelancer online. (I am thinking mostly of 5$ to 50$ projects. This seems to be normal on, but I'm not sure if it can provide quality. But it might, since this type of assignment is quite small).

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