Which database to choose for storing (post + replies) threads

by osama yaccoub   Last Updated January 13, 2018 06:05 AM

I am asking actually which kind of data store / data format shall I choose to persist posts + reply threads (very similar to facebook posts or stackoverflow posts)

I am designing for a new application and I don't want to suffer later for the performance

I browsed a bit to check for an answer to my question , but all I found actually was "How to tune an RDBMS design to handle this requirement"

But is really RDBMS is the best fitting for this ? most answers where somehow outdated or wanted to tune some legacy systems and No-SQL DBs are not considered hence.

I think that handling big amount of requests using all proposed asnwers (like here and here for example) will hurt performance when data scales because of the need to "ORDER BY" clauses

I thought about storing the entire thread as one json for the sake of fastread performance But also I think it will make a problem for update , maintenance and traffic specially because I need to apply security roles on thread component (some users can see some replies, others not)

Any recommendations or references are appreciated

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