Which is the best option to exchange large amount of data in a micro-service architecture?

by user2586432   Last Updated December 26, 2017 12:05 PM

Application I am working on requires text contents to be extracted from various proprietary document formats like Microsoft word documents (doc, ppt, xls ), pdf and etc.

I am planning to implement a micro-service which takes document in proprietary format as input and returns extracted text as output.

This solution requires micro-service to exchange large amount of data per request (of the order 1 MB to 100 MB). Expectation is that microserive should be able to scale to 1000 requests per second.

W.r.t to this solution want to understand

  • Is it OK to transfer data at this rate over micro-service architecture?
  • Planning to use rest API's to transfer data. Is it a good option ?

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