Tender Type vs Payment Method/Type

by RoLYroLLs   Last Updated November 02, 2017 22:05 PM

Working on a payment database I'd like to use the most proper name for certain objects. In this case: how the customer paid and, if applicable, what was used i.e.: Visa, Amex, etc.

I've been searching around the web to see what certain words mean to others. For example, while in the past I have used PaymentMethod to describe Cash, Credit Card, or Check, I've learned that a more proper term to use is TenderType.

However, I'm having trouble finding out what working to describe what type of credit card was used to describe Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, etc. when the TenderType is Credit Card, Debit Card, Gift Card.

Sure, I can make something up and use whatever I want like CreditCardType or whatnot, but I'd like to know what others are using.

Thank you.

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