Is Diff a well understood term, or should I name it Differentiate?

by Chris Wohlert   Last Updated September 21, 2017 09:05 AM

I have a class which checks for differences. I could call this

class ViolationDiffer
    public IEnumerable<ViolationChange> Diff(
        IEnumerable<Violation> old,
        IEnumerable<Violation> new


class ViolationDifferentiator
    public IEnumerable<ViolationChange> Differentiate(
        IEnumerable<Violation> old,
        IEnumerable<Violation> new

To diff two text files, is so common place, that I would guess that almost everybody would understand what this did.

In the spirit of being explicit, Differentiate is just that. Is there a rule for when a term is appropriate to shorten, as in, the shortened version is verbally used maybe?

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