How to make sure crawlers and Google use an HTML search form?

by Alexandre Nucera   Last Updated October 08, 2016 09:01 AM

I'm trying to make crawlers reference the results of a search form on a website. The form itself is written in AngularJS and the various filters trigger a jsonp call towards a solr server. The form is working fine.

A few weeks ago, an SEO expert audited the website and found that Google was not crawling the results of this page. According to him, the issue was that the form was not valid despite having the form tag, valid input checkboxes and a submit button (but no action and method attributes). The suggestion he made was to replace the input checkboxes by link elements (href).

The only literature I found was this article from Google (2008) and I'm a bit unsure about the best way to approach this.

How do you make sure that crawlers actually crawl your AngularJS forms?

EDIT: I'm not looking for google to actually input text data in the text field but rather to make google crawlers use the filters on the left panel. This page is the entry point to index the thousands of offers that the website has and I can't think of any other methods to get them indexed.

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