How can I prevent Facebook from considering Google drive links unsafe on my website?

by DavidTonarini   Last Updated January 05, 2018 19:04 PM

On my small website I've recently began using Google Drive as content delivery network. This is to solve resource usage issues with my provider.

This worked well, but I'm confused because Facebook is considering my pages unsafe and delivering a warning because of the link to images stored on Google drive.

Looking for answers on this issues, I found this linkclaiming Facebook blocks links to Google plus pages for its own reasons. I haven't found further informations. That link is dated back to 2012, if this is the reason, is it be still up to date? Is this ordinary?

I did use the Facebook form provided to notify possible cases of false warnings, but got no answers.

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Facebook in general doesn't like to send users out of it, that's why it makes it difficult for the users to leave.

I've had that problem in the past, then stopped, then had it again, there seems to be no reason for this.

I think Facebook handles the same links differently. For example sharing a link inside a group is not the same as sharing it on a wall or on a Friend's page, so once again, very unpredictable.

If you were sharing always the same link, as your fans / friends follow it and mark it as safe, the warning disappears. If it's not the case, the warning will remain.

For the purpose, here's a guy that thinks he has a solution, not that it works.

For what it counts, you shouldn't be using Google Drive as a CDN, because well, it's not a CDN.

November 20, 2014 22:45 PM

You might need to use redirection link. You can generate a link to your Google Drive using:

January 05, 2018 18:27 PM

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