Importing buyer and seller data from other platforms?

by Devin O'Keefe   Last Updated May 22, 2020 22:04 PM

I'm currently creating an online marketplace, with a rating system for buyers and sellers.

As the site has no history, I was hoping to give buyers and sellers the option to link their accounts from Reddit, eBay, Heatware etc. and import their number of sales, date they started using the platforms, their ratings on the site and possibly some other small pieces of data. Of course the user would have to voluntarily link the account, so I would have user permission to get the data.

I'm wondering, is it legal to take this data from the platforms, provided I have the user consent? Would eBay, Reddit or any of these other platforms be able to sue me or request that I delete this data? Additionally, would it be considered misleading to advertise some seller as having X confirmed trades when all of them happened on another platform?

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